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dark souls – a masochists’ gathering

Demon’s Souls is a Japanese RPG that came out of nowhere. Its developer, From Software, was famous only for a few niche titles such as King’s Field and Armored Core series. Their most recent releases, like Enchanted Arms, Chromehound and Ninja Blade, received lukewarm reactions at best and were quickly forgotten except for a few small, dedicated groups of gamers.

And then it came. A PS3 exclusive role-playing game with a different kind of online mechanic and a focus on tough-as-nails difficulty. While I’m not saying those other games developed by FS didn’t have their own quirks and differentials much like Demon’s Souls did, nevertheless it was this one which finally put the company under the spotlights. And I found myself mostly agreeing with all the praise the game received, as it was overall quite a unique and enjoyable experience in its entirety, despite some shortcomings.

Needless to say, I was excited for Dark Souls.

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